5 Things To Keep Adding Into Your Wardrobe!

Amitaa Chauurasia
2 min readAug 15, 2021


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The stylish look is an idea. You create it on your own. You got a unique sense, and you want to embrace it. Dress sense is all about feeling beautiful and yourself. Few accessories enhance your look without much effort. Let me tell you, ladies; fashion sense shouldn’t be all about expensive or cheap; it doesn’t matter as long as there is an art and feel.

  • Fancy Belts — How about having a neatly and nicely tucked waistline? Well, If you have not thought of various usage of belts, then think now.
  • Kitten Heels — Are you tall or not so tall? But kitten heels are comfortable and stylish in look. Its colour, material and design add up to your look. Is wearing high heels your way of feeling better? Then try kitten heel to feel grounded.
  • Scarf — Tuck in your T-shirt into jeans and get wrap around a scarf. There may be days when you want to cover it up, whether your hair or round tee neck. You are not in the mood to look chic but still want to look hot.
  • Rings — Jewelled up with a ring, don’t wait for the ring finger. Get many for every occasion, go to street market or go to a fancy mall, at the end let it add to your comfy look.
  • Earning — You shall skip necklace or plain chain and try heavy or long earning hanging parallelly and adding grace to your beautiful smile.


Amita Chaurasia



Amitaa Chauurasia

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